Thursday, 20 October 2016


World comic
I've been drawing an entry for the Fumetto Comix Competition.  And the theme 'Worlds' kept pulling me back to this idea of the contrast between what appears good, but isn't.  I wanted to change the title to 'lies', because I also thought that many politicians tell us lies to placate us or mislead us for their own selfish gain.  And things we are told are 'pure good' or ' pure evil' in fact, aren't.

I initially envisioned it a black and white piece of work, but then the ligne claire style lent it to play with some colour.  I'm still contemplating whether there should be foliage in the background or if it should be kept as is.  I also avoided breaking the page up in panels to accentuate the movement of each character.  The politician's rise at the expense of the mask's demise.  The mask's world is in reverse to the politician, but intrinsically linked with each other.