Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Exciting! Country Mouse published

The original watercolour cover painting

Good day dear friends
I am so excited to announce that the illustrations for  my latest picture book is finally finished and sent off to the printers for publication.  It is titled 'Emagundvwane Ayavakashelala'.  It is the original Aesop fable translated into Siswati by Busi Malinga for Books in Homes.  They distribute books to less privileged children in rural areas where libraries are few and far between.  Most of the printing  cost is kept low and carried by donations so that the cost of  distrbution of the literature can be kept to a minimum price per book.  I have a passion for stories and books - it is wonderful to take part in such a project where I can share this passion with others.

The cover will be printed in full colour. Therefor I painted it in watercolour and decided to play around with another medium this time.  The inside illustrations will be printed in one colour black.  I drew them in ink & applied some screentones afterwards to give them more variety of 'grays'.  It was also the first time I played around with screentones.  I am quite pleased with the results.
With this book most of the illustrations circled around the mice and how they experienced eachother's world.  So I placed a lot of focus on their facial expressions - more so than what I did with previous projects which carried more other detail.

The published cover

Published spread

Published spread

Illustration from 'Emagundvwane Ayavakashelala': Rozi tries to pry Thembi away from the danger of the trap

Illustration from 'Emagundvwane Ayavakashelala': Rozi tries to warn Thembi from the danger of the cat

Some pre-sketches for the character development for the book (so you can experience some of my process work)

There is more exciting news to share: very soon I'll move over to my own website, where you can view more of my work & I will stay in contact with you there.  It's still a work in progress, thus when it happens I'll let you know!  OOO, I'm so excited!!!

The Christmas season is here.  May you experience a blessed and jolly festive season.  Thank you for your support and comments throughout the year - it really is appreciated.  You help me to shape my craft.  It's nearly time to close up shop for the year and have a long awaited holiday.  I will be quiet during the festive season and only post more again next year.
Keep well,