Tuesday, 1 July 2008


As quick as the eye blinks; or a butterfly fludders out of your stomach into the azure sky; as fast as a drop of sweat gravitates to your toes or a heart breaks crimson like shattered glass on a stone cold floor... so quick was the anticipated day. I cannot believe the exhibition is over.
It marked the end of our aquaintance, but hopefully the start of a very long friendship with light, lens and life.
Can any person thrive without recognition or praise? Or is it only then that such work transcends the tangible? I don’t know, but I’m grateful to all the friends and mortals who attended my exhibition and gave me a word of encouragement. I fear my faith in myself and my art is still built with twigs and air/prayer...(breathe in, breathe out, breathe in again, remember to breathe...) Let the hope not disappoint us. Thank you to everyone so dear who support me.