Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Natura morta

The exhibition opens today!Therefore I thought it just fitting to include the art statement for the exhibition here:
[natura morta] - the moment before

The term still life in Italian is called natura morta, directly translated as dead nature. Andrè Bazin, a French critic of the late nineteenth century said photography is a medium which embalms [note the connection to the preservation of dead bodies] time rescuing it simply from its proper corruption. Within this statement he admitted that time is the great destroyer of life; time devours life (our mortal existence) and the medium of photography can rescue our frail memory from its hungry clutches.Photography as a medium can suspend the animation/motion picture of life into multiple separate still pictures, aiding us to choose a defining moment* to remember it by - that one image not tainted by time, free from disturbance, free from the corruption/corrosion of life & therefore free from life itself.
*Henri Cartier-Basson, a photographer, spoke of the true photographer’s ability to identify that decisive moment, but it also meant that the photographer had to be there before the moment - the moment before.
I will post news of the event next week.