Friday, 4 October 2019

Inktober is here

Dear friends
It's October! October signals that Spring is really here.  The seasonal birds have migrated to the warmer spots and began making nests.  Daylight lingers longer during the evenings and mornings.  Illustrators, Artists and people who love to draw, have also begun to associate the month with ink... Inktober is a month-long challenge to make drawings using only ink.  You can decide whether you will draw every day or sporadically.  There is also an optional prompt list you can follow.

I have decided to upload a video every Friday during this month of me making an ink drawing.  It is the first time I am filming my drawing process.  It feels different to draw and film versus to draw on your own.  The camera is an intrusive object, an eye watching me draw, although it is an inanimate thing.

I did not follow the prompt list.  I wanted to be free to draw what I want.  I am already drawing within very specific limitations with the graphic novel brief I am working on, so I didn't want to limit myself here too.  Sometimes drawing should be for fun only, and because you enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy the video just as much as I enjoyed drawing.
Here's a link to the video that was released earlier today.

Thank you for supporting the channel :)

Have a lovely weekend,