Friday, 15 September 2017


Faizl's State of the Nation
Dear Friends
I've been working exclusively on the first volume of 'Weerkaatsing' - the secret project I've mentioned previously.  It is near completion and will be printed soon.  The first edition will be printed in Afrikaans, but I am thinking of publishing an English translation later.  Will keep you posted on that.

Above you can get a sneak peek of the work.  This is the back cover.  It is an excerpt from a YouTube video/documentary on Hendrik Verwoerd.  But the internet is the great leveller ("gelykmaker") and through the thumbnails of what you can view next it leaves commentary on political opinion and how it will diffuse over time.  It was seredipitous that I found among them the "Run Free In Hendrik Verwoerd High School".  After all the political turmoil let us all [Parkour] over these seemingly crucial political struggles.

The cover of the volume is in full colour, but the rest is black & white.  I've experimented with coloured pencil as well.  It will be the final test to see whether is translates well into print.

The story of 'Weerkaatsing' is a biographical collage and portrays a sense of place; what life in South Africa was like then and now and not.  If you are interested in buying a copy you can contact me via e-mail.  Will keep you posted when it is available.

Take care & have a lovely week.