Friday, 29 July 2016

Colouring Book number 2 & featured in SARIE magazine!

I've been very blessed. I have some exciting news to share:  The colouring-in book my artwork was featured in last year was chosen to be distributed in a special edition colouring-in book for adults for SARIE magazine - a popular women's magazine in South Africa - for the June 2016 edition.  It was distritubted along with every SARIE magazine purchase of that month.  I was so thrilled to see my work published nationally and seen across the country. And even more privileged that it stated that the colouring-in book featured work by famous South African Artists - and my work was displayed alongside them :) I brushed shoulders with lovely artists such as Wendy Malan and Piet Grobler.

On the left: The cover of the colouring-in book which features my artwork.
On the right: The SARIE June 2016 cover.

On the left: My artwork entitled 'Out there' as featured in the colouring-in book of SARIE.
On the right: The June edition of SARIE the colouring-in book was sold with.

Other news from my studio is that the artwork I drew titled "I love SA" and featured in a post earlier this year was also selected as part of the second colouring-in book for adults by the same publisher.  This colouring-in book was A5-sized, ring-bound and also distributed across Gauteng and Cape Town. Thank you thank you thank you!

The printed "Inkleurboek vir Grootmense" featuring my artwork "I love SA". 

The artwork as featured in the printed colouring-in book.

"I love SA" Colouring-in Art

The artwork "I love SA" digitally coloured-in.

I'm working on the manuscript for the next project and have only this page as a spoiler...
will keep you updated on the progress thereof.  To be honest, the manuscript is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.  It's undergone multiple rewrites and at the moment it needs a new perspective, so I'll need a bit of time to mould it some more. But I'm very excited for this project.  It focuses on historical narratives. I'm not saying anything more at this time, because there's a metamorphoses on the way.


Spoiler: A page from the new comic I'm working on. It's still in manuscript phase. Exciting times :)