Wednesday, 14 December 2011

hy het my lief

The typeface is finally complete! I am quite pleased that I was able to figure out how to save a version compatible for pc & mac. I took the inspiration of the design from my teenage school desk doodles: does he love me, does he not? To dare to hope this love is eternal. It is also the motivation behind the name of the typeface - 'hy het my lief' which is Afrikaans for 'he loves me'.
It is a very good exercise to design a face; to appreciate each letterform as a single unit, whilst also consider it as an ingredient to the sum of the parts (not even mentioning kerning pairs). I've also included special glyphs of all the vowels (umlaut, grave, accent, circumflex), the numerals & some essential punctuation marks (full stop, comma, brackets, curly brace, question mark, exclamation mark, hyphen & forward slash). I feel quite satisfied with the result.

May you have a blessed festive season!