Monday, 12 January 2009

The path we take

There are so many photo's to reorganise and label(I've taken quite a few during a short span of time), but being organised is just as important otherwise many great pictures will just be lost in some arbirary file. It must be the effect of Summer and this time of the year when the year winds down and loops into a new cycle. Everywhere I turn it's breathtaking and I have to capture the abundance of light or I wish I had my camera in my bag. I feel like a kid at the fair, gaping mouth wide open.
It seems therefor surprising that I selected black and white works this week, but I think it is more fitting to the message. And white clouds seems starkingly whiter against the grey shapes, one could easily be mesmerized by colour and forget to look at things that are white(or in hues of white).
Since it is at the start of the 2009 race I couldn't help but wonder what surprises the year holds and where the road might take us. (So much for trying to be happy go lucky.) I've also been hiking a lot, so the path metaphor rang closer to home. The truth is none of us know really where we're headed, we hope and wish it will unfold in a certain way without even knowing if that would be a good or wise choice for us. But that doesn't hinder us from hoping and praying and hopefully looking around, be aware of these priceless moments. They are so fleeting. I hope 2009 unfolds into a series of precious moments, may I have the wisdom to see them, grab them, and hopefully I'd have my camera at hand as well.
PS I made my first fine art sale, thank you, this is just a great gift!