Monday, 13 October 2008


Someone, a scientist, recently explained to me how things in outer space works. Light on earth travels so fast, we don’t even notice the fraction of time it needs to travel from the sun to the object and reflect into the eye, which would be you, or me (and of course our eye sends the information to our brain which interprets what has been seen). (I didn’t want to interrupt his locomotive of speech, but I thought one does see how light travels on our little earth, especially when the sun says good morning and good night, or maybe it’s just my active imagination).But, the scientist says with such conviction, in outer space everything is so vast, and silent I presume, that light needs to travel distances which can be measured in years.(This is where he takes a deep breath, a brief halt, but the passengers don’t disembark at the station, the locomotive steams ahead). The amount of light on star X would travel 8 light years(hypothetically) before it will reach star XY and therefor, what star XY then sees is in reality something that existed 8 years ago already. But star XYZ which is 70 light years away hasn’t seen what star XY has seen, because the light would still need 62 years more to travel from star XY to reach star XYZ.So hypothecically (this scientist likes hypothecicals) an image exists forever, because the whole outer space is not even mapped out yet and this light with the picture keeps on travelling. Don’t you just love outer space?I know words travel on soundwaves, but I believe the same is true for them. Makes one think. I believe the image speaks for itself.