Monday, 14 July 2008

Not perceptible by the eye

Ever since I was told the story of the mystery of the twelve princesses I was entralled by the cryptic character with the invisible cloak. It was never revealed in the story where he obtained this wonderful object and my poor mother was perplexed as to how to answer her inquisitive subject. Just the one sentence in that story was enough to alight countless dreams of travels through dark and fearful places without the fear of discovery, because a cloak made of mysterious substance could hide my own fear and keep me safe from the world outside my cloak.
It’s difficult to grow up, and I don’t know many who do it willingly. But sooner or later chronological time wrenches us from our blissful dream and suddenly you’re big and trying to remember what it feels like to be small.
I have uncovered a secret, which we’ll keep between us: I have found the cloak! It looks a bit different than you might expect, and it’s black. But when I hold it, I’m invisible. No-one cares to see me. And I journey in a most unexpected way.